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Bring in the good vibes with these Auspicious Diwali Candles!

 The miracles of universe are limitless and there have been infinite ways of how we try to build a deeper connection with the highest power. Whether it is believing in The Secret, Chanting like the Monks or committing to our wishes in the most sincere manner, the power of faith has made us take that journey at some point or the other. 

Our Diwali Collection - Manokamna was inspired by the idea of seeking blessings from the universe to fulfill the heart`s true desire. The idea of starting things at the right time - an auspicious time is deep rooted in our Indian Culture. And the grandeur of our emotions and dreams is reflected upon the sacred pujas and purification of the environment that us Indians very happily indulge in. We took a trip down the memory lane and thought about our truest desires. Every time our heads bowed in seeking blessings and hoping to turn dreams to reality, a certain divinity had enveloped the environment. It took us back to our grandparents` temple, the auspicious hawans and good luck tikkas at the airport, before an exam or interview where we we lit a diya and said a prayer. 

Gayatri Mantra is a universal, powerful mantra that is said to protect and soothe us. It is a prayer dedicated to illuminating our intellect, enlightening us and giving immense knowledge. It aligns the chakras and treats the doshas of those who believe in it. A whiff of fragrances at Rad Living teleported us to the divine feeling of being enchanted by a powerful aura. 

To celebrate all things auspicious and in anticipation of blessings from the universe, the Gayatri Mantra inspired us for our latest collection of jar candles, hand poured in India. These Scented Soy Wax Candles will create a divine aura around and bring in good vibes. 

Choose your ideal fragrance for this Diwali with our range of auspicious candles. 

Devasya: Turn your haven into heaven with a sweet floral scent of Jasmine, an auspicious flower, as you light this candle while the divinity of Jasmine attracts good fortune, love and wealth for a prosperous life ahead. 

Dhimahi: This festive season, get teleported to the foothills of Himalayas while experiencing the goodness of meditation, a powerful aura that convoys calmness, sanctity and peace with a heavenly, earthy and rich Indian scent of Nag Champa, the divine symbol of purity and build a deeper connection with your true self. 

Varenyam: Celebrate your admiration   for the supreme power with the goodness of sacred sandalwood and   reviving roses while they restore the  balance between love and power. Let its   sweet, smooth and woody scent fill your home with vitality and endurance   for stability.

Suvah: This festive season, fill your   humble abode with a fresh wave of  positive energy and patience borne out of the stimulating and uplifting scent of Cinnamon and Bergamot, representing knowledge and righteousness. The fragrance invigorates a spicy and citric aura with floral notes. 

    For Diwali enthusiasts, nothing beats a divine fragrance and warmth of light enveloped in designs that blend in beautifully with the Diwali decorations. Gift your loved ones the power to fulfil their hearts desire with our auspicious candle collection.
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