Truth Bombs

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We are here to drop the Truth Bombs that are surely going to kick off a riot of laughter, awkward revelations, and explosively honest confessions. An entire collection...
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F.L.Y. First Love Yourself

11 products
Unrequited love is a thing of the past. Why make life complex with such relationships when the only person who actually deserves your undivided attention is YOU!  A...
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Love at First Sight

10 products
Made with sheer intricacy and handcrafted, they are a piece of art in themselves. Drenched in a dreamy affair of thread-work, pearl sequence, an intricate and eye-soothing lacework...
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"In aankhon ko jab jab unka deedaar ho jaata hai, din koi bhi ho lekin mere liye tyohaar ho jaata hai" If ‘Festive’ is your favourite season then...
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Illuminate Jars

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The radiating flame of our Illuminate Jar candles produce a light so enchanting that all your worries will seem to fade away. As the candle burns, happiness and...
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A story of dreams, hopes, and queer resilience - coming together in unison for equality. You could be a queer person, someone questioning your identity, or an amazing...
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Scented Soy Pillar Candles

49 products
Our Soy pillar candles represent the beautiful imperfections that must be embraced. The wonderful fragrances, gleaming colors and quirky shapes and designs of the candles are going to...
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All time favourites on special deals and offers, just for the candle lover in you! Now liven up your space or that of your loved ones with these...
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