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Saccha Pyaar - Sandalwood Rose Scented Candle
Saccha pyaar toh pata nahi but the dreamy notes of red roses and sensual base notes of sandalwood will make you fall in love with this candle for sure! Notes: Sandalwood, Rose Product Details Size Small (Single Wick) Large (Double Wick)...
from Rs. 898.50
Poo Vibes Only - Green Apple & Frangipani Scented Candle
Wanna go from Pretty Hassled And Tensed to Pretty Hot and Tempting? You need the popping fruity notes of green apple mixed with velvety notes of frangipani. Notes: Green Apple, Frangipani, Frankincense Product Details Size Small (Single Wick) Large (Double Wick)...
from Rs. 898.50
Charam Sukh Praapti - Almond Shea Scented Candle
A deep exotic base of coconut whisked with notes of shea butter for the feeling of ultimate pleasure. But remember, for the real Charam Sukh Prapti, you gotta ask them. Or just DIY! Notes: Almond, Shea Butter, Coconut Product Details Size...
from Rs. 898.50
Sensivert - Chocolate Roses Scented Candle
‘No more tears’ is for shampoos, not people. Your feelings are valid. So feel your feelings while this candle infused with chocolate and rosy notes burns in a corner. Notes: Chocolate, Rose Product Details Size Small (Single Wick) Large (Double Wick)...
from Rs. 898.50
Great Sex, No Stress, Big Cheques - French Lavender Scented Candle
The notes of french lavender remind you that anything is possible and tingling earthy notes of clove and cedar will keep you grounded because no human can have all 3, great sex, no stress, big cheques. Oops! Notes: French Lavender, Cedarwood,...
from Rs. 898.50
Main Apni Favourite Hoon - Lily of the Valley Scented
The delicate notes of lily flirt with bright notes of bergamot and red apple to make you fall in love with yourself a little more everyday! Notes: Lily, Red Apple, Bergamot  Product Details Size Small (Single Wick) Large (Double Wick) Dimensions...
from Rs. 898.50
Pahado Wali Chai - Masala Chai Scented Candle
Pahad or not, this candle with it's rich and spicy notes of cinnamon and basil balanced with comforting notes of vanilla, will make you feel like you're right there in the hills, sitting with a cup of masala tea! Notes: Cinnamon,...
Rs. 898.50 from Rs. 748.50
Calm Kutti - Neroli Scented Candle
Invigiorating notes of neroli and rosemary boosted with notes of clary sage to keep your inner kutti calm. Notes: Rosemary, Patchouli, Clary Sage, Neroli, White Musk Product Details Size Small (Single Wick) Large (Double Wick) Dimensions Height: 6.5 cm  Diameter: 5.8...
from Rs. 898.50
8 Hours Of Sleep - Jasmine Cedar Scented Candle
Notes of jasmine float over rich heart notes of vanilla, grounded by the warmth of cedar wood to get you into a relaxed state of mind so you hopefully sleep on time and not scroll on phone till 4am. Notes: Jasmine,...
from Rs. 898.50
Bhavishyavani Cards
How to use: Open the deck, shuffle properly and pick any three cards. By the divine powers vested in our hands by you, these cards can tell your future! P.S. - Mazak Mazak mein seriously mat lena, okay? Product Details...
Rs. 448.50
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