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Sugar Momma - Peach Lemonade Scented Candle
Spoil yourself with exotic fruity notes of peach blended with top notes of lemon and a tinge of mint while you figure the rest! Notes: Peach, Lime, Mint Product Details Size Small (Single Wick) Large (Double Wick) Dimensions Height: 6.5 cm ...
from Rs. 599.00
Fuckboi Repeller - Bergamot Cinnamon Scented Candle
Repel those fuckbois with this citrus scented candle with fresh and juicy notes of bergamot blended with cinnamon. Something that's also used to repel demons we hear. Makes sense though, doesn't it? Notes: Bergamot, Cinnamon Product Details Size Small (Single Wick)...
from Rs. 599.00
Saste Nashe - Green Lush Scented Candle
Definitely the "greens" that you don't have to hide. Notes of fresh greens mixed with notes of geranium and sandalwood, feel as if someone has captured all the raw and novel fragrances from nature and put them into this candle....
from Rs. 599.00
Goa Trip - Ocean Scented Candle
Intoxicating notes of amber and musk topped with fresh notes of lemon flowers and greens to take you the beach even if its only in your imagination! Notes: Lemon flowers, Greens, Musk, Amber Product Details Size Small (Single Wick) Large (Double...
from Rs. 599.00
25 Din Main Paisa Double - Leather & Greens Scented
Light this candle with luxurious notes of leather combined with earthy notes of vetiver, patchouli and thyme to make you feel rich! Incoming money guaranteed by Laxmi Chit Fund. Notes: Vetiver, Thyme, Patchouli, Leather, Geranium Product Details Size Small (Single Wick)...
from Rs. 599.00
Nazar Blocker - Orange Lime Scented Candle
This candle with zesty notes of orange, lime and base notes of cedar-wood, might block that evil nazar, but if good things still don’t happen, it’s not the nazar babe, it’s you. Notes: Orange, Lime, Cedar-wood, Bergamot Product Details Size Small...
from Rs. 599.00

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