2021: One Day At A Time - Set of 4 Scented Votive Candles
Welcome the adventures, accept the challenges, make new resolutions and brighten up your life in the pursuit of happiness, sprinkled with a dash of passion! Because we support you for being you and you should too, unapologetically. So, rad up...
Rs. 1,299.00 Rs. 999.00
New Year Resolutions - Hot Cocoa Scented Candle
What's meant to be made is meant to be broken, but that doesn't stop us from making it, right? Let's be real, all the resolutions that we've ever made, we wanted to break them right away, of course we never said...
Rs. 849.00
Happy New Year 2021 - Oud Twist Scented Candle
Oh my my! Here comes another year to pretend like we're gonna turn our life upside down and make something BIG out of it. Maybe we will, maybe not. But right now let's just live in the moment and feel...
Rs. 849.00
New Year, New Me - Sweet Plum Wine Scented Candle
This undoubtedly has been our most favourite joke every year that nobody ever fails to repeat. So why be any different this year? Of course, we don't want you to change. Who will we make fun of if you actually do...
Rs. 849.00
This Year Will Be Different - Saltwater Sea musk Scented Candle
Our favourite lie that we secretly hope turns true - this new year will be so different from the last few! Ahh, we wish it was that easy, but never-mind let's say it again. Maybe the stars align to turn...
Rs. 849.00
New Year 2021 - Citron Blossom Scented Candle
Now we have to remember changing the year too! As if remembering the day and date wasn't enough with our stay-at-home lives. Thanks, Corona! Oh, sorry, we meant, Happy New Year 2021 to you. Don't stress about it, it is...
Rs. 849.00
Happy New Year 2020 - Rainbow Sherbet Scented Candle
Nope, not a mistake! We wrote it deliberately, because of what all we have gone through in 2020, we definitely deserve a do-over with some happy moments that we can live without the fear, breathe a bit freely and hug...
Rs. 849.00
Hoppy Brew Beer - Beachwood Scented Candle
We are looking at 2021 from a whole new perspective, or rather should we say 'your' perspective, which might involve a drink or a few more? Well, what's a new year without a little celebration and we couldn't agree with...
Rs. 849.00
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