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Rani Pink - Set of 4 Candles and 3 Candle Holders

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 "Dheeme dheeme rang mein, mujh ko rang de,
Saundhe saundhe rang mein mujh ko rang de"

Dream like fragrances, poured in containers tinted with the colour of majestic splendour and mesmerising beauty. From the Rajputana times, Rani Pink colour has been favoured by the Indian Royalties. It's resemblance to the deep rich pink colour of precious ruby made it popular among the ‘rajas’ and ‘raanis’, thereby getting its name. Finding inspiration in the colour's royal grandeur, we present to you this set of 4 candles and 3 candle holders embellished with golden plating. Comes with free pillar candles.

Product Details-  



Candle Holder


Burn Time

Wax weight


Votive Candle

Height: 6cm, Diameter: 7cm

Upto 22 hours

110 gms 


Medium/Single Wick Candle

Height: 8cm, Diameter: 7cm

Upto 40 hours 

180 gms 

Large/Double Wick Candle

Height: 10.5cm, Diameter: 9.5cm

Upto 60 hours

430 gms 


Flat Bowl/5 Wick Candle

Height: 5cm, Diameter: 14.5cm

Upto 80 hours 

530 gms 


Candle Holders





Medium Candle Holder

Height: 16cm, Diameter: 8cm


Large Candle Holder

Height: 20cm, Diameter: 12.5cm


XL Candle Holder

Height: 39cm, Diameter: 8cm


Fragrance Description

Majestic Mogra: An enticing aroma of exotic floral base of jasmine and white plumeria blended with thyme, to bring vibrancy to your space.

Notes: Jasmine, White Plumeria, Lily, Thyme

Apple Frangipani: A vibrant bouquet of natural scents of green apple, delicate whiffs of frangipani and frankincense, to bring eternal love and joy to your space.

Notes: Green Apple, Frangipani, Frankincense 

Pacific Ocean: Feel closer to the breezy shore with this rejuvenating scent that consists of citrusy lemons, woody musk, the freshness of green flowers along with rich & floral notes of amber.

Notes: Lemon flowers, Greens, Amber, Musk

Soy wax | Non Toxic | Hand-poured in India

Note: Because all of our candles are handmade, no two are identical.

Available in 3 elevating fragrance options : 

Fragrance :
Rs. 9,999.00
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Country of Origin: India

Handcrafted candle with non-toxic and bio degradable natural soy wax. The natural property of soy can lead to slight discolouration and variations in texture. This does not affect the performance or quality of the candle.
Soy wax candles last longer and burn cleaner than petroleum-based paraffin candles, and are less likely to trigger allergies.

Note: Because all of our candles are handmade, no two are identical.

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