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Truth Bombs

We are here to drop the Truth Bombs that are surely going to kick off a riot of laughter, awkward revelations, and explosively honest confessions. Made in India, with hand-picked fragrances, these soy candles are dedicated to flash different kinds of spirits that exist in this insane world!

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FLY: First Love Yourself

The collection speaks for you, bringing out unfiltered truths and being unapologetic about keeping yourself first. After all, If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? Let the world move towards its designated place while you make your own way in this mad wild world!

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A story of dreams, hopes, and queer resilience - coming together in unison for equality. You could be a queer person, someone questioning your identity, or an amazing ally to these larger-than-life communities. This collection celebrates you for choosing love over hate, choosing tolerance over bigotry!

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